Sepehr Arman Farda Construction Company with the commercial name "Sunext Group" is a joint stock company in the field of estate investment management considered with the aim of providing diverse and innovative solutions in the field of investment, construction and marketing of real estate.
One of the goals of this company is to provide new ways of financing in the form of special joint-stock companies and to provide golden investment opportunities for the personnel and managers of Arman Industrial Group and other partner companies, so that the people of the world can be concerned about real estate investment. To solve the real estate with any amount of capital and people can invest in real estate by focusing on their main activities.
This company while protecting their capital Against inflation, it provides the opportunity to benefit from the economic profit of this market and also the opportunity to own a house.
Using the knowledge of management, planning, economics and financing, design and construction, repayment and sales, operation and rights, Sunext Group is a suitable platform for activities in the fields of real estate asset management (buying, selling, renting, operating,clearing) investment (construction, construction participation) and construction operations (contract management, contracting, reconstruction, equipment) has been provided.