About us
Arman Industrial Group is an industrial and economic group that acts to provide some fields such as the food production, agricultural originations, commercial services, technical-engineering services, construction industry, rail transportation and financial and investment services.
During two decades of establishment of the company, this group are attempting to have the astonished progress in the development of its activities based on the authority  and trusted management knowledge alongside with entering different fields of production, industry and services in which  created employment for more than 1,000 people directly and for more than 40,000 people indirectly, and take a significant contribution for increasing productivity, employment and business entrepreneurship in this competitive market.
At the same time as the 23rd year of its activity, Arman Industrial Group officially started a new course of activity in the form of holding with re-design and re-organize the corporate governance models.

Arman Industrial Group, as a multi-disciplinary company, suggests the different range of businesses and seeks to grow potential capacities to achieve a special level of performance.
In Arman, we believe that achieving this special level of performance is only acquired by the investments of the authorities, which bring value addition because it can follow the short-term profits, the interests of shareholders, the expectations of employees and customers and the public. 
However, Arman not only seeks to get a high position in its retail markets for each one, but also focuses on the development of world-class key capabilities and human, operational and commercial excellence.
It is essential to mention that this approach obviously makes the effect on future as the advancement; that is a future in which Arman known as a socio-economic role player due to the performance of its subsidiaries. This subject cause to accomplish the financial expectations of shareholders, employees and suppliers and contributes to the growth and dynamism of the country; and improves social welfare through the results of its activities.
Arman Industrial Group, a multi-disciplinary company, strategically takes the action to direct a range of well-known and promising businesses in various industries such as chemical, food, financial services, construction, agriculture and commerce.
More than two decades of activity in various economic parts and industries, this company could achieve the organizational ambivalence that is successful in its current capabilities or abilities and plays an effective role in developing new industries and businesses. 
In Arman Industrial Group's shareholders view, the company could have an effective role in the business of the country in which obtains the creation of numerous job opportunities and responsible behavior towards the society.
In this approach, Arman Industrial Group also concentrates on the international business environment, however; value creation is an important issue conceived as the presence in international markets.
Thus, "Arman Industrial Group" is responsible to create value with an innovative and development-oriented approach, through business and strategic management of investments in the international scope. This serves as the existential philosophy for the group and its subsidiaries.
During its mission and future goals, Arman Industrial Group believe that a set of ethical and behavioral codes is considered as the foundations of value creation, and the faith in these organizations.
Arman is a search organization and investigate innovative ways to advance any program.
Arman is a result-oriented organization; and determines to follow its strategy and goals.
Arman is a value-creating organization; and creates value pragmatically and responsibly.
Arman is an ethical organization; and ethically considers behavior in the moral framework.
Arman is a responsible organization; and cares about establishing sustainable partnerships with its stakeholders.