• Arman Industrial Group

The speech of Founder

In Arman Industrial Group based on the modern management knowledge and the potential capacities of this fertile land, we are interested to create a learning organization at all levels, to empower the managers, and subsidiary ones considering the gained experience   along with entrepreneurship and job creation to acquire the best high position, to develop in the field of human source, and to act the best financial performance.
We believe although human sources do not consider as the profit and loss account as well as the balance sheet, they lead to make the positive result on the profit and loss account of organizations. Therefore, with the awareness of this human investment in various parts of the industry including the agricultural industry in which can be the significant difficulties; we are attempting to have the effect on creating honor and giving the great name of our beloved homeland, Iran.
Seyed Mojtaba Mousavian
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Arman Industrial Group

Services of Arman Industrial Group

Agriculture industry

Providing management services in agriculture by applying current knowledge and experience. Providing engineering services and implementing soil improvement to bring about the high quality of cultivation

Capital Market

Providing project portfolio management services

Building Industry

Providing management and engineering consulting services in the field of construction. Programming the services and managing the construction projects

Rail industries

Engineering and design consulting services, provision of equipment and spare parts for the railway fleet, provision of railway machinery, including railway cranes, shunter locomotives, etc.

Food industry

Supplying basic goods such as sugar, wheat, rice, beans, oilseeds, etc.

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